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Prioritize Good Sleep For Brain Health

Glymphatic System: Critical for Brain and Immune Health <https://drjockers.com/glymphatic-system/> Prioritize Good Sleep For Brain Health Do you remember having a good night's sleep and feel energetic, fresh, and clear the next day? Sleep has been known for its profound restorative power for [...]

  • whiplash car accidents

The whipping motion of the neck puts upper neck at risk

When a car accident takes place, the whipping motion of the neck is nearly inevitable. Whiplash puts a lot of pressure and tension on the upper neck joints. This type of injury can cause tearing of the loose ligaments and tendons of the upper [...]

  • bad posture

The head position matters to alleviate chronic neck pain

The bad smartphone postures. The angle of bending head related to the pressure on the spine. Neck pain becomes more and more common around the globe. Much of it is being attributed to the use of tablets and iPads, particularly if they [...]

  • neck injury, concussion

A neck injury is inevitable when a concussion is suspected

In any situation involving a significant impact to the body such as car accidents, sports injuries, falls, bump to the head and so on, the forces from the impact transfer to the skeletal frame. During a car accident, the head and neck rapidly accelerate [...]

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