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A serious complication of corticosteroid injection

Image by Jan from Pixabay A serious complication about corticosteroid injection There were 13 patients, 8 women and 5 men, who had experienced tendon rupture after corticosteroid injection. Tendon spontaneous rupture is a serious complication after the corticosteroid injection. The patients, who were studied [Continue Reading]

  • tissue healing

Tissue Healing Requires Time

Principle of Time There's nothing that does not take time, and it certainly applies to the human body. It doesn't repair itself in a day, and the body's response to an injury or damage is complex and variable. Each individual has unique medical history [Continue Reading]

  • sitting

How does sitting affect my low back?

Low back pain has become one of the most common complaint in the industrialized world where sitting is often required. Low back spine is the most frequently damaged (L4/L5) region, whereas it is the largest in size. How we sit and what we sit [Continue Reading]

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