Is Your Head On Straight?

The human body is a complex living organism. The nervous system is happy when nerve communication is clean and clear between the brain and the body. Sometimes, stress and injuries in the past may have caused structural changes in the spine that have adapted negatively. The upper neck is the most complex region of the body that requires very precise analysis and correction in order to restore health and nerve functions.

When the upper neck becomes misaligned, chiropractors call it an “Atlas Subluxation.” It’s a specific terminology for the first cervical spine bone that becomes misaligned and causes neurological imbalance between the brain and the body. When the head and neck alignment is straighter, body posture becomes more balanced effectively immediately by a relief of atlas subluxation.

Why The Neck?

Body balance is key to health.

Many healthcare professionals try to balance the pelvis and overall posture. Poor posture and body balance contribute significantly to chronic back and neck pain. The NUCCA technique has been known to reduce atlas subluxation effectively and efficiently. It is one of the most gentle techniques that requires specific analysis and correction to result in positive outcomes. Every body part is connected, so a problem in a single region can cause another problem in other parts of the body.

It is highly encouraged to get an evaluation for the neck and posture problems to see if the atlas misalignment is contributing to your chronic, complex, unresolved health problems.

Signs & Symptoms Checklists

A Simple Visualization of the Spinal Misalignment


Reprinted with permission from Daniel O. Clark, D.C. Copyright 2022

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