If you’re wondering why it’s necessary to return for ongoing assessments despite feeling fine, the reason is to facilitate optimal healing, minimize the likelihood of recurrence, and optimize function.

While many individuals experience significant relief in discomfort after a few visits, our goal is not only to provide temporary relief but also to minimize and stabilize spinal stresses, eliminating the need for regular adjustments. Achieving this level of care requires significant effort on your part, and while we cannot always attain this status with every patient, it is this situation that yields optimal long-term benefits.

It is worth noting that symptoms are often the last to show up and the first to go away, similar to how cancer or heart attacks can occur. Therefore, being symptom-free does not necessarily mean that healing has completed or that you are in your optimal alignment. As soon as your body shows signs of stabilizing and holding alignment for an extended period of time, we will recommend lengthening the time between visits.