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NUCCA chiropractic care provides natural and holistic approach to restore muscle tone balance and overall body posture. By maintaining good correction, great number of patients return toward better health gradually overtime.

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NUCCA Chiropractic

NUCCA procedure provides unique solution to complex health problems related to brain and spine disorders. The goal is to restore body balance and nerve functions by precisely correcting the head and neck spinal misalignment. By fine turning the head and neck spinal alignment, we can restore the body balance and posture back to a more central position. As a result, the body weight distributes more evenly as body adapts to a better balanced position.

The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) has developed a system of precise analysis to transfer the exact corrective force needed to realign the head, neck, and the atlas (C-1) spine. This advanced procedure allows us to adjust this complex area of the spine using minimal force, without twisting or cracking.

Common Health Problems
Balance training for concussion and brain injury patients in chiropractic office

PCP #1. Body weight distribution assessment and precise weight control exercise

PCP #2. Laser-guided joint proprioception exercise

Personalized Care Plan (PCP)

Dr. Hwang utilizes different treatment modalities and exercise program to restore the nervous system functions. Some of the assessments include weight distribution assessment, visual and proprioceptive balance assessment, cervical spine joint proprioceptive assessment, and etc. This care plan is not for everyone.

Success Stories

Prior Accidents and Injuries

A car accident or a sports injury can be one of the many things that cause the atlas (c-1) spine to misalign. If someone Has ever experienced a significant impact to the body such as a car accident, a sports injury, a fall or a bump to the head, then a force to your neck cannot be avoidable. Sometimes, an injury to the head and/or neck can cause damage to the tissues surrounding the upper neck joint. This results in spinal instability that can result in twisted body posture that remains locked causing further weakness and deterioration in the spine.

The upper neck misalignment can result in

(1) posture distortion (body twist)

(2) shifted body weight distribution

(3) a short leg

(4) balance and coordination functions (eye-ear-posture coordination)

(5) disrupted blood flow to and out of the brain

(6) disrupted CSF flow to and out of the brain

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