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A NUCCA Chiropractor, Dr. Wontaek Hwang, is excited to welcome new patients to Head & Neck Spinal Care in Wheeling, Illinois. He’ll guide you to bridge the gap between the pain and optimal wellbeing.

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The Atlas (C-1) misalignment can cause structural and neurological health issues. Dr. Wontaek has experience of managing a variety of health conditions such as headaches, Migraine, Vertigo (dizziness with “spinning” sensation), chronic neck and back pain, numbness and tingling, Post Concussion Syndrome (mTBI).

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Common Problems Frequently Seen

Here are common signs and symptoms from the atlas (c1) misalignment in the upper neck, but not limited to:

Neck and Back Pain

Numbness and Tingling

Chronic Headaches

Dizziness and Vertigo

Arm Pain and Leg Pain

Facial Pain and Jaw Pain

Whiplash Injury from Accidents

Post Concussion Syndrome

NUCCA Care offers a simple solution to complex health issues. It’s gentle, effective, and specific.

Step 1: Schedule an initial consultation appointment

Step 2: Find the root cause of complex health issues

Step 3: Begin taking care of the nervous system

Step 4: Experience healing in 8 to 12-weeks.

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