“….without any sugar coating, my daily life has been turned 180 and its been a few months now and currently I almost forgot that I used to have a headache everyday for years.” – Young (2022)
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“..definitely relieved a ton of pain and stiffness that I had been dealing with off and on for 8 years since my first concussion/whiplash.

Robert P. , 2022


“I have been having headaches everyday numerous times a day to a point where it has been affecting daily activities. To make stories short Dr. Hwang is very very extremely dedicated and after the first adjustment my headache and stiffness was gone,” “….without any sugar coating, my daily life has been turned 180 and its been a few months now and currently I almost forgot that I used to have a headache everyday for years.

Young K., 2022


“Within two adjustments my posture was corrected, and the dizzy spells and numbness in my hands and feet cleared up.”


Cynthia Z., 2023


“I first visited Dr Hwang’s office through recommendation of an acquaintance that experienced severe lower back pain, and I have been going through the same dreadful experience. […] Ever since the treatment I have experienced no pain and am immensely grateful for his help!”

J. Huh, 2022


“Dr. Hwang’s treatment helped me not only with the back and neck pain but also with the ocular migraine I had for the past few years which I thought was totally irrelevant.”

Michelle B., 2022

Migraine and Dizziness

“I was dealing with severe migraines and dizziness on a daily basis and getting adjustments has helped greatly. My dizziness has gotten a lot better and I very rarely get migraines anymore which has helped me function at work and school.”

Lauren P., 2023

Numbness in the Arms

“After several months of ineffective therapy, I was close to the decision to take an injection, and I found myself at Dr Wontaek office recommended by an eye doctor…. After a few visits I felt a big improvement. Dr. gives clear instructions that you must follow. He is specific, kind and knowledgeable. He makes precise x ray.

Joanna W., 2023

Post-traumatic Headaches

“It got so bad to the point that it was normal for me to start off my mornings with Advil for 3-4 days out of a week,” “I have been getting treatments from Dr. Hwang for almost 3 years now and I am happy to say that my headache is gone!”

Jaesik Y., 2021

An Endorsement

“I highly recommend Dr. Hwang from a personal and professional point. Personally, I have a history of brain injury from which the only lingering symptom that I could not resolve was persistent unilateral headaches that were triggered during prolonged computer work. After an evaluation with Dr. Hwang, he was able to tell me that it was because my skull and spinal column were misaligned possibly due to the impact of the brain injury. Due to my results, I have additionally, recommended him to my daughter for similar situation. For this reason, professionally, I now recommend all of my brain injury patients also seek an evaluation from Dr. Hwang so that the work that I do in restoring visual processing speed and eye muscle balance/coordination after brain injuries/concussion is accelerated to provide my patient faster recovery. “

Dr. Ingryd L, OD (Brain Vision Institute), 2023

Jaw Pain (TMJD)

“I used to crack/pop my jaw multiple times a week to lessen the discomfort/pain and headaches I had,” “Just after two adjustments, I saw incredible changes to my overall body. My jaw feels as if it finally found the right place.”

Ashley W., 2021

Arm Pain

“I am very satisfied with the out-come after treated from Dr. Hwang,” “The sharp pain noticeably gone and do not have sleeping problem as well.”

Andrew L., 2020

Body Aches

“Dr. Hwang is a seasoned NUCCA practitioner who has helped me (and about 5 others that I have referred) to stay pain-free for approximately 3 to 4 years now, and I’ve been struggling with some sort of bodily pain since 2010.

Daniel K., 2023

Anxiety and Headaches

“To my surprise, the treatment with Dr. Hwang since June, greatly eased up my anxiety, hot flash and headaches. The effect was as if my stuffed nose finally got all cleaned up. I felt really fresh and light.”

Chorong P., 2023

Neck pain and Headaches

“Dr help me a lot for neck pain and headaches I recommend you do a consult, it will change your life to a better and aches free.”

Dora A., 2023