“..definitely relieved a ton of pain and stiffness that I had been dealing with off and on for 8 years since my first concussion/whiplash.

Robert P. , 2022

“I have been having headaches everyday numerous times a day to a point where it has been affecting daily activities. To make stories short Dr. Hwang is very very extremely dedicated and after the first adjustment my headache and stiffness was gone,” “….without any sugar coating, my daily life has been turned 180 and its been a few months now and currently I almost forgot that I used to have a headache everyday for years.”

Young K., 2022

“I first visited Dr Hwang’s office through recommendation of an acquaintance that experienced severe lower back pain, and I have been going through the same dreadful experience. […] Ever since the treatment I have experienced no pain and am immensely grateful for his help!”

J. Huh, 2022

“The attention to detail and the amount of effort he puts into every client that comes to him is unmatched.”

Josh W., 2022

“Through several visits and check ups, I can say that my issues have gone away. My quality of life has gotten better because of Dr. Hwang.”

John C., 2022

“Dr. Wontaek has been a joy to work with over the years. His mindset and attention to detail are exemplary.”

Freeborn Fitness & Hoslitic Healing, 2022

“Dr. Hwang’s treatment helped me not only with the back and neck pain but also with the ocular migraine I had for the past few years which I thought was totally irrelevant.”

Michelle B., 2022

“Ever since I started treatment here, it’s been getting better and better. Recommended.”

Steven C., 2021

“It got so bad to the point that it was normal for me to start off my mornings with Advil for 3-4 days out of a week,” “I have been getting treatments from Dr. Hwang for almost 3 years now and I am happy to say that my headache is gone!”

Jaesik Y., 2021

“I used to crack/pop my jaw multiple times a week to lessen the discomfort/pain and headaches I had,” “Just after two adjustments, I saw incredible changes to my overall body. My jaw feels as if it finally found the right place.”

Ashley W., 2021

“I am very satisfied with the out-come after treated from Dr. Hwang,” “The sharp pain noticeably gone and do not have sleeping problem as well.”

Andrew L., 2020

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