Image courtesy of Dr. Ken Hansraj M.D.

Neck pain becomes more and more common around the globe. Much of it is being attributed to the use of tablets and iPads, particularly if they are being used to binge watch TV shows. Some are spending 4 or more hours with the neck bent down to catch up on their favorite shows. Before doing this, it is good to be informed of the following facts.

Your upper cervical spine has the responsibility of balancing the head. This is done easily if a person is looking straight ahead while standing or sitting. However, when one is looking down, the pressure on the neck changes dramatically. Here are a few startling statistics:

  • 27 pounds of pressure is exerted on the spine when looking down at a 15-degree angle
  • If one has the head at a 30-degree angle, the spine absorbs 40 pounds of pressure
  • At a 45-degree angle, one is balancing 49 pounds of weight
  • A 60-degree angle causes a massive 60 pounds of weight – 5 or 6 times what the neck is supposed to support

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