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Dr. Hwang provides a simple solution to complex health challenges with our proven, gentle, and effective personalized NUCCA chiropractic care.
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Welcome to Head & Neck Spinal Care!

Dr. Wontaek Hwang, DC, stands out due to his expertise in NUCCA Chiropractic, a unique and gentle approach to spinal health. His independent practice, located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, is deeply committed to helping you regain the joy and comfort of a healthy life.

Ever felt like you want more than just relief from pain? Like wanting to return to your favorite activities or cherishing quality moments with your loved ones? Dr. Hwang’s goal is to facilitate these aspirations, paving the way for your optimal wellness.

In-office Consultation

At your consultation with Dr. Hwang, every detail counts. He deep dives into your medical history, understanding past health challenges, injuries, motor vehicle accidents, surgeries, and even details like ongoing treatment programs. To get a complete picture, he might also suggest diagnostic tests or advanced imaging.

8-Weeks to a Better You

Every spine is unique, and so is its healing journey. That’s why we have a dedicated initial care plan for each individual. This allows us to ensure that the spinal corrections are doing their job and that you’re on a path to continued healing.

Our Distinct Approach

The primary focus is to bring the head back to the center and remove the interference between the brain and body communication. Our goal? Get everything aligned, starting with centering the head. For those who might benefit from specific exercises or rehabilitative care, Dr. Hwang integrates cutting-edge tools like Spinal Thermography, BTracks Balance Assessment, and Cervical Motion Guidance. These tools aid in establishing self-awareness of body orientation and movement in space.